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Beverly Hills

European Heiress Sabrina A. Parisi is feminine and sexy at the 20th Night of 100 Stars Gala
March 7, 2010 - The 20th Night of 100 Stars Gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills attracted over 150 celebrities, nominee and award winnings. The giant red carpet runway was a showcase of glamour, stunning gowns and more than a few questionable fashion statements.  TV Tycoon Sabrina A. Parisi looked stunning in a sexy-sweet-charming gown by designer Moschino Couture. Her intricate $12,000 gown displayed a tricky lace and peach light on a 100% silk,  centering the interest among the most classiest and unique celebrities. “The dress is sweet and sexy. It is very feminine and intriguing. It looks like sweet provoking lingerie made to be a stunning gown and the color is absolutely gracious. At first Ms Parisi looked stunning and womanly.” added reporter Mc Leen. 
Sabrina A. Parisi Molested by a Huge Group of Tourists in Rodeo Drive
Our charming Sabrina A. Parisi went shopping yesterday in Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills with her beautiful champion Yorkshire Terrier Mozart when a group of tourists couldn’t let their dream celebrity go without harassing her with request of no-stop pictures and autographs.  Sabrina

was a sweet-heart and granted their request, but these photos make it look she was a bit worried, probably was thinking that she’s never go back to Rodeo again without security. Nevertheless, when finally she was able to detach from the tourists she decided to have a tea at the Luxor Hotel but wait, a different crew of tourists, this time European, demanded more pictures with her! Funny, at last she decided to go back home!! What a relaxing afternoon!


"My kids love you.  Can they take a picture with you?" this lady is asking. Look Sabrina's expression now.

"Gees!!! One more!!"