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Flysurfer Kiteboarding

Сабрина Паризи



Сабрина Паризи
Sabrina Parisi is a Flysurfer . She has wings
Sabrina Parisi Share the Stoke Flysurfer Kiteboarding #sharethestoke

The Stoke is the latest Open-C L.E.I. Kite by German company Flysurfer Kiteboarding.

Thi is a three strut powerful, Freestyle, Wave, freeride Kite. Its powerful, precise and super-responsive. A superb bar-feel gives the rider full control to through big loops, shred massive waves or unleash its explosive pop. An easy choice for riders who like unhooked-freestyle, wave riding or gnarly big airs. Try the most radical Flysurfer kite... share the stoke! 

TECHNOLOGY: 3 strut Open-C L.E.I. Kite

SKILLS: Intermediate +

SIZES: 6/7/8/9/10/12/14 

Sabrina Parisi Sexy Hollywood Kiteboarder

Sabrina Parisi is more than just a popular face and sexy legs she is indeed a lot of things.  A professional kitesurfer (who knew?),  a renowned Television Producer/director, an artist and model.   

She's been a sponsored athlete since 2013 and, although she never partecipated in any Kiteboarding competitions, she is indeed one of the most discussed Kiteboarder, holding the title of  "Most Followed Kiteboarder" (in both males and females) with over 5 million fans worldwide.   So here she is this unique and eccentric reality star which is not afraid to be Sun-kissed.  Can the Kiteboarding industry handle more? 

sexiest Kiteboarder Kite chicks Sabrina Parisi


Sabrina Parisi is the sexiest kiteboarder and the only Hollywood celebrity to kitesurf todate