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Sabrina Parisi is a Flysurfer . She has wings
Sabrina Parisi Share the Stoke Flysurfer Kiteboarding #sharethestoke

The Stoke is the latest Open-C L.E.I. Kite by German company Flysurfer Kiteboarding.

Thi is a three strut powerful, Freestyle, Wave, freeride Kite. Its powerful, precise and super-responsive. A superb bar-feel gives the rider full control to through big loops, shred massive waves or unleash its explosive pop. An easy choice for riders who like unhooked-freestyle, wave riding or gnarly big airs. Try the most radical Flysurfer kite... share the stoke! 

TECHNOLOGY: 3 strut Open-C L.E.I. Kite

SKILLS: Intermediate +

SIZES: 6/7/8/9/10/12/14 

sexiest Kiteboarder Kite chicks Sabrina Parisi


Sabrina Parisi is the sexiest kiteboarder and the only Hollywood celebrity to kitesurf todate