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Real Estate

Pozdrav ot lulin (zapadna sofia)

Im one bulgarian hoo speak english and italian some day i will go in new york city ;) Per gli italiani quelli vivano in stati uniti ..Lo so che vi mancha vostra paese anche di me lo so sono un bulgaro ma la amo giusto come voi!Allora vi saluto da bulgaria ciao fratelli ;) Za vsichki bulgari iskam da kaja che im prava evala che sa se mahnali ot nai gnusnata durjava na sveta ;) Chist bulgarin sum no pikaia na bulgaria i na bulgarskoto opravlenie vsichko tuka e otvrutitelno vsichko kato se zapochne ot horata ta se stigne do parlamenta a za ulicite da ne govorim...Mizeria ponqkoga me e sram che sam bulgarin naistina karai da vurvi zavurshvam daskalo i se maham i si izgarqm lichnata karta i passporta...FORZA ITALIA FORZA AMERICA!

Real Estate




Koman Team
Here since: Jul 23, 2008
real estate consultant
Las Vegas, NV
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Russian
Here since: Nov 22, 2008
Male, 49
пазарджик, пазарджик
Languages: български
ПРОДАВА СЕ парцел с площ 12.681 дка,  разположен на входа на град  Пазарджик в застроителните граници на града и има лице 106 м. на ул. "Димчо Дебелянов" (Мирянско шосе). Парцелът се намира  в новата икономическа зона на града - в съседство има построени промишлени предприятия, магазини и складове. До парцела има изградени всякакви комуникации - трафопост, водопровод, канализация, телефонни линии, улично осветление, спирка на градския автобусен транспорт.ЗА ПОВЕЧЕ ИНФОРМАЦИЯ НА ТЕЛ:0898408331  ИЛИ КОПИРАЙТЕ СЛЕДНИЯ ЛИНК:
Stoyan Metchkarov
Here since: Feb 10, 2011
Real Estate
Las Vegas, NV
Languages: Russian, English, French

I am a real estate agent in Las Vegas. Originally from Russia, my cultural and education upbringings are diverse as I got a chance to travel and experience different countries and cultures, Bulgaria being one of them. I have graduated from UNLV with BA in marketing. Marketing is my passion; since marketing is one of the main components of any business, I’m thankful to have this knowledge as it utterly helps me in my real estate career. My main qualifications are motivation and drive. I am a workaholic. I love finding the perfect place for a buyer or marketing a property for a seller in a non-traditional way, which results in more exposure. I am very patient and understanding, that's why I can easily work with any buyers, even very demanding ones. I provide extra reports and articles to my clients to make sure they are in sync with market. I find it quite essential in such rapidly changing market.

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