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Sabrina Parisi

Жабокът и Сабрина Паризи
Сабрина Паризи
Sabrina A. Parisi – Looking Good, Girl!
This past month there are been loads of allegation surrounding the sweet European socialite Sabrina A. Parisi’s health dread, love affair with mega Hollywood star, paparazzi’s stress and the lost of her beloved cat Q.  Several sources reported that this tremedous increas of interest and press, created on this unique socialite a jam stress and anxiety.  Sabrina eventually was seen leaving a hospital, she felt some of the events that she should had attended and finally she disappeared from the scene. So while the paparazzi’s were frantically looking for her in all the nights clubs in Hollywood and surrounding, we finally had the answers to where she was.

Showing off her sexy and greatly shaped bikini body in one of the most exclusive places, the "Social-Lights 90210" Sabrina A. Parisi spent the first week of September at her private luxurious suite located at the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort in Carlsbad, north of San Diego.  The much discussed European socialite got her get-away from the Hollywood's glitz and glam but eventually could not choose anything less than one of the most elite, cream of the crop place reported in California.  The Four Seasons Resort is known to be one of the most expensive and privileged places in the Country.  Sabrina got her way to pause the press and spotlight however she could not completely pass unnoticed by some snooping paparazzos providing him with plenty of eye candy as she sauntered around the pool in a ivory two-piece. And yes, her body looks great, don’t you think? And most of all, I am happy she looks healthy and happy so now, like many others I am looking to enjoy, dream and live her new projects wishing her the best luck in life!!! Because we All Love you Sabrina!  

Again??? Sabrina A. Parisi pursued Mr Keanu Reeves' tread!

Los Angeles, 09.09.2009- Shocking!!  It seems that the European celebrity Sabrina A. Parisi really cannot stand paparazzi, however she is enjoying pictures taken in red carpets.  Bad mouths said: "Where is the difference as flash lights are flash light not matter what!" But again, these are only bad mouths!!!   So here we are with the latest paparazzo’s adventures for the rich snooty girl.  People were shocked when Sabrina did not slow down her Jaguar and actually she speed it, almost running over one of them.  Is she trying to follow her rumored Mr. Keanu Reeves’ tread when he hit Brazilian’s paparazzo with his Porsche 911 causing the poor fellow serious injuries?  Well, this was the latest from Beverly Hills' most eccentric socialite and we hope she will consider to drive a little slower next time that she will be surrounded by a freantic crew.



And after checking those pictures, now check these other snaps.  Look how interesting here!

  • Sabrina is first stoped by another paparazzo. Maybe two?
  • She stops.
  • She does not seem to be bothered.
  • She poses.

...anddddd!!!! She is also smiling at him...hey!! He really must have told her something peculiar to convince her not to kick his big ass!  At least this time she is not driving any car, could it be the reason? Or perhaps this day, the eccentric girl was in a very good a particular mood? And finally, on the last photo ...check this out people!! She gives him the best of the best, a blowing kiss. Extremely accentric, fashionable and classy! I LOVE YOU SABRINA...We all Love You!!!

Сабрина Паризи
Сабрина Паризи

Nai-krasiviq lebed - unikalna viziq

Sabrina Parisi is a Flysurfer . She has wings
Сабрина Паризи разкрива тайните на звездите по „Нова ТВ”
Италианската Парис Хилтън започва своя рубрика „Поверително от Холивуд” от тази събота в предаването „Клуб нюз”, точно преди „Станция Нова”.

Сабрина Паризи, наричана още италианската Парис Хилтън, започва своя рубрика „Поверително от Холивуд” от тази събота в предаването „Клуб нюз”, точно преди „Станция Нова”.

Парти, посветено на Ринго Стар и с участието на самия него, състояло се в Лос Анджелис, и подробности от премиерата на новия филм на Джесика Алба .- Valentine's Day, са първите събития,  до които Сабрина ще направи съпричастни само зрителите на „Нова телевизия”.

Специален репортаж ще бъде посветен на нейното прочуто куче Моцарт. Наскоро той стана дядо и вече има над 10 000 предложения за името на внучката. Кръстникът и посоченото от него име ще бъдат обявени на специално парти с водещ Анди Гарсия.

Друга интересна новина около новата звезда на „Нова телевизия” е свързана с подготовката около репортажите. Сабрина щяла да арестувана от полицията в Лос Анджелис, докато снимала емблематичния надпис „Hollywood”, тъй като екипът й бил твърде близо в забранената за снимки зона. Звездната репортерка обаче не само се спасила от арест, но и запазила направения материал, разминавайки се само с предупреждение...
Paparazzis almost killed celebrity Sabrina A. Parisi.

A recent increase on paparazzis harrasment is causing a terrible stress and anxiety to the wealthy European socialite Sabrina A. Parisi.  This is also accompanied by the persistent rumour of an intriguing ivolvement of the rich girl with mega film-star Keanu Reeves.  It seems that this rumor has been on the air forever but recently is getting more convincing and the press is trying to find out

But let's go to the today' spotlight and te fact that has been reported that on September 02, 2009 , mega wealthy producer Sabrina A. Parisi was one step to follow the terrible fate of Princess Diana. 

It was about 8,30 pm when the wealthy young producer was seeing leaving a local petstore with a big bag of dog food on her hand.   She was alone and she was wearing a blue hat and with her long hair on a pony-tail, demin jeans and a simple top.  She was soon noticed by a crazy group of persistent photographers best known as paparazzis or parasites.  When the people approached she tried to avoid their flash lights but the two men rushed to take some extra snap.  She asked to please stop doing it as they were hurting her eyes but they did not listen to the woman.  According to a sale person, Sabrina looked disturbed and distressed by the perseverance and the pushy questions of the two men.  She had to stop several times before reaching her car. Three of the security guards moved to rescue her and helped the girl to enter her Jaguar that had ashes caused by the recent fire in California.  "That's enough guys!! Move out!" screamed one of the security.  One of the paparazzi tried to open her door and one jumped on top of the car’s hood. One security pulled the man out of it and Sabrina finally left the scene on an increased speed. The story does not end here as the people jumped into their cars and followed her keep flashing her face; while she may had gotten temporally blind by the bright lights on her eyes she almost crushed against a wall. 

This is not the first time Sabrina gets distressed by paparazzis but it seems that there may be a new law that will pass in Los Angeles to protect celebrity’s privacy and freedom.

“It’s about the paparazzi violating everybody else’s rights, freedoms and privileges,” Councilman Dennis Zine explained. “What the paparazzi have done is developed a lawless society where the rules don’t apply — on the wrong side of the street, jumping out of cars at the red lights, swarming the car, you don’t do that,”.Zine is proposing a “personal safety bubble” law to keep what he calls the “opportunists” away from celebrities and the general public on the streets.“If we think back a few years, Princess Diana was driving down the road, paparazzi chasing,” Zine recalls. “A crash occurred, Princess Diana died. I don’t want to see that happen here in Los Angeles.”A year after Diana’s death and then again in 2005, civil laws were passed in Los Angeles to deter aggressive paparazzi, but no criminal law is yet in place.“I don’t think it wold change things that much,” X-17 Vice President Brandy Navarre told “Access.” “I mean, the photographers would just stand back a little more.”The photo agency X-17 says that as long as the demand exists, the supply will continue, regardless of a new law. “Certainly there is the concern that it could trample on first amendment rights,” Navarre said. Zine refutes such claims.“We are not prohibiting anyone from taking a picture but the matter in which they are getting those pictures,” he said.
Mega entrepreneur Sabrina A. Parisi collapsed in front of everybody.

September 06, 2009, Hollywood, California. European royal celebrity Sabrina A. Parisi collapsed in front of everybody.

Several sources are reporting that the “recently most talked, picked” socialite entrepreneur Sabrina A. Parisi’s health has been suffering as a result of the enormous stress she has endured with the several projects, red carpets, trips, events and paparazzi’s assaults.  On top of that she seems she has lost so much weight and has been harassed by an increased press. 

“ This is really too much for Sabrina” one of her friend said.  "She has collapsed several times these past weeks, complaining of shortness of breath and dizzy spells.  Sometimes you see her to her office at 5 in the morning and running from one place to another and at night attending the red carpet events and the several interviews. And in addition she does not sleep and she hasn’t changing her poor eating habits.  When she is stressed she does not eat, that’s all!  She completely forgets to do it.  I do not know how long she will resist!  She never eats properly especially when she is upset and she has been extremely stressed recently with all the rumors surrounding her.  I suppose food is the last thing on her mind.  She’ll ignore breakfast, pick at lunch and skip dinner”.

Sabrina A. Parisi is very Yummy!

August 2010.  TV hottie Sabrina A. Parisi went to Italy for a vacation and the first thing she did was strip her clothes off, put on a bikini and hit the beach. She is looking in great shape. Very sexy. Very Yummy!

 Enjoy Sabrina Bikini Pictures

Sabrina A. Parisi’s New Coming Up Projects
The pretty European Heiress Sabrina A. Parisi is recently having some tough time, mobbed by the critics about her recent TV breaking news Hollywood Confidential released last February 2010 on high rated Club News on Nova TV; she has announced her European media tour to start the beginning of June.  Her new book “Hollywood Confidential” same title as the TV show is expected to grab an immense popularity. No matter what it says or what is written, it is expected to be a success just because Ms Parisi is the name attached to it.  More to say, the entrepreneur blonde has shocked the audience when part of her new coming TV series Don’t Call Me Paris have been filmed in different parts of the world and not just in the USA and Europe.   The show is expected to full of excitement, adventure and a huge HIT!!!  And for the gossip’s lovers, it seems that part of the enormous financing invested on this new projects is coming directly from Sabrina daddy’s chunky’ wallet.
Sabrina A. Parisi buys a $12,000 couture dress for the Emmy but then she wears a $500 Cavalli Jeans and goes to Disneyland
Why Sabrina A. Parisi dropped the Emmys?  The press is wondering about her bizarre behaviors and why someone like her, that never missed an event in Beverly Hills and Hollywood and never ever missed an Emmy’s Awards this year decided to be absent?  Everybody hoped for a valid excuse, but check this out as Sabrina’s excuses is now the latest gossip-scandal in town! “Sabrina is one of the most unpredictable girl you may know.” One of her closest friend said: “And believe me, she had bought this stunning $12,000 couture dress and she was so excited to attend the event. But you see, she must have changed her mind, who knows and so she went to California Adventure Resort!”Thus her choice, Sabrina A. Parisi made a clear statement and now not wonder why she is considered one of the most bizarre’s celebrities.    

As several stars and vip were walking the Emmy’s red carpet at the Kodak Theater, the audience, photographers, journalists and paparazzis wondered what had happened to “controversial European socialite”, and why she did not show up at the venue. Some were guessing a sickness, accident or emergency; however, a fresh and happy Sabrina without red carpet gown but jeans and pony-tail was enjoying the day with little cousins and friends at the Disney’s California Adventure’s resort.  Unfortunately for her, Sabrina’s hilarious escape did not stay completely undiscovered and so the snaps of her Emmy’s escape are now circulation online. Shame on her but, hey, isn't that a valid excuse for not going to the Emmys?

Sabrina Parisi Share the Stoke Flysurfer Kiteboarding #sharethestoke

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Isn’t Sabrina A. Parisi hot with black jumpsuit?
European celebrity Sabrina A. Parisi showed up at the FOX TV Really Awards After Party at the Area Club in Hollywood looking single, hot and sexy, in my opinion.  What do you think of her black jumpsuit by La Perla? Sabrina that is currently filming episodes for the “Don’t Call Me Paris”, which examines her lifestyle and background with interaction with several celebrities, VIP, rumors, gossip, and more; and which has been mourning the loss of her beloved cat Q, has been nominated one of the most controversial and eccentric socialite. Although she remarked she hates to be denominated socialite, she only attends events to shoot for her TV reality show and to write for her column “Gossip Girl”.  She is definitely one of the new raising Hollywood celebrities that on top of that has been rumored to be linked to Canadian actor Keanu Reeves. Sabrina had denied it but the “rumor Love affair” has not decreased at all.
European Heiress Sabrina A. Parisi is feminine and sexy at the 20th Night of 100 Stars Gala
March 7, 2010 - The 20th Night of 100 Stars Gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills attracted over 150 celebrities, nominee and award winnings. The giant red carpet runway was a showcase of glamour, stunning gowns and more than a few questionable fashion statements.  TV Tycoon Sabrina A. Parisi looked stunning in a sexy-sweet-charming gown by designer Moschino Couture. Her intricate $12,000 gown displayed a tricky lace and peach light on a 100% silk,  centering the interest among the most classiest and unique celebrities. “The dress is sweet and sexy. It is very feminine and intriguing. It looks like sweet provoking lingerie made to be a stunning gown and the color is absolutely gracious. At first Ms Parisi looked stunning and womanly.” added reporter Mc Leen. 
Sabrina A. Parisi Because She is Hot and Funny!

It’s been a while, approximately few hours to be honest, since I’ve seen this European charming babe and her sweet little body dancing in front of the cameras.  So, here’s Italian super hottie socialite Sabrina A. Parisi at some event fashion show for Runway Magazine in Hollywood.  Confident, sharp and classy - great cleavage by the way! -  stunning as usual and accompanied by some huge dude that we hope for good that it is just her body guard.  He is a big, smiling fellow!! By studying the dude’s expression we can deduct that he is definitely and absolutely, without any doubt, appreciating his job and mostly the show while her boss Sabrina looks damn hot and funny, and charming, and sweet, and enchanting and "blah blah blah, don't know the language very well, so I need to improvice" giving her nation more than a few reasons to be proud of her!

 I adore her and I can't wait to see her new TV Reality show!!

Isn't she adorable?

Sabrina A. Parisi Molested by a Huge Group of Tourists in Rodeo Drive
Our charming Sabrina A. Parisi went shopping yesterday in Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills with her beautiful champion Yorkshire Terrier Mozart when a group of tourists couldn’t let their dream celebrity go without harassing her with request of no-stop pictures and autographs.  Sabrina

was a sweet-heart and granted their request, but these photos make it look she was a bit worried, probably was thinking that she’s never go back to Rodeo again without security. Nevertheless, when finally she was able to detach from the tourists she decided to have a tea at the Luxor Hotel but wait, a different crew of tourists, this time European, demanded more pictures with her! Funny, at last she decided to go back home!! What a relaxing afternoon!


"My kids love you.  Can they take a picture with you?" this lady is asking. Look Sabrina's expression now.

"Gees!!! One more!!"





Italian TV hottie Sabrina A. Parisi in bikini
It has been a long time since anyone has seen Italian hottie Sabrina Parisi too long if you ask me.  I always liked her in her TV shows and I am an active member in her Facebook.  Besides her recent book release Hollywood Favorite Stories, I am not sure if she is going to be in an upcoming movie or TV show, but she still looks breathtaking. 

Here are some pics of Sabrina this past August, splashing around in Rome with some guy.  Could be a boyfriend, could be a cabana boy.  Either way, she should come out of hiding soon.  Cheers Sabrina!






Сабрина Паризи

Жабокът и Сабрина

Когато една начинаеща актриса целуне жаба в Холивуд, има големи шансове да се превърне в звезда. Необходимо е обаче да е избрала подходящото зелено земноводно, а именно симпатичния „Д-р Жаба" и целувката да бъде пред обективите на папараците.

Всъщност за тази цел е достатъчно да се срещне с чаровната Сабрина Париси. Може би си спомняте русокосата дива с италианска кръв от времето, когато беше колумнист на ROUGE. Днес тя се е впуснала в нови и забавни проекти, сред които е модната й линия Froganizer, както и нова книга за домашните любимци на Холивуд.

Последна редакция Неделя, 21 Август 2011г. 14:07ч.
Sabrina Parisi Sexy Hollywood Kiteboarder

Sabrina Parisi is more than just a popular face and sexy legs she is indeed a lot of things.  A professional kitesurfer (who knew?),  a renowned Television Producer/director, an artist and model.   

She's been a sponsored athlete since 2013 and, although she never partecipated in any Kiteboarding competitions, she is indeed one of the most discussed Kiteboarder, holding the title of  "Most Followed Kiteboarder" (in both males and females) with over 5 million fans worldwide.   So here she is this unique and eccentric reality star which is not afraid to be Sun-kissed.  Can the Kiteboarding industry handle more? 

sexiest Kiteboarder Kite chicks Sabrina Parisi


Sabrina Parisi is the sexiest kiteboarder and the only Hollywood celebrity to kitesurf todate