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Here since: Feb 24, 2008
Aurora, Ontario
Here since: Feb 24, 2010
Male, 54
Pre-Paid Legal Services Associate / Manager
Burgas, Bulgaria
Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Bulgarain,Russian, English

I believe life isn't about the destination, it's the journey ... ongoing...never knowing where ... I'm European, a world traveller and adventurer, who has been around ... from living in the Amazon jungle to guiding safari trips in Africa. I spent years following the snow, teaching skiing, snowboarding in the Northern and Sothern Hemisphere. Adore travelling and made my dreams come true, discovering cultures, people and as a freelance photographer tried to catch the moment. WELL I'M DOING IT!!! Travelling will be a part of my culture forever! Since I was a teen, I've dreamed of traveling the world, making money hand over fist, AND JUST LIVING FREE! WELL I'M DOING IT RIGHT NOW!! The only thing better than traveling the the world, living the adventure moment by moment, IS DOING IT WHILE BUILDING MY PRE-PAID LEGAL BUSINESS!! THIS IS MY 1ST YEAR WITH MY PPL HOME BASED BUSINESS - AND MY GOAL IS 10K A MONTH WHILE I'M TRAVELING!! It's not the money either, IT'S THE LIFESTYLE!! Just thank God everyday for FREEDOM and for the reality that ANYONE WHO WANTS TO CAN LIVE LIFE FROM THE HEART! THE ONLY LIMITS ARE THE ONES WE ACCEPT! 

 LIFE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ... See company presentation at: 


Here since: Mar 31, 2012

Here since: Oct 27, 2012
Female, 62
Cell Phone
Nashville, Tennessee
Languages: English

I would like to learn to speak Bulgarian and learn more about the culture.

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Here since: Sep 20, 2009
Here since: Mar 24, 2008
Male, 70
Las Vegas, nevada
Languages: bulgarian,russian