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Sabrina A. Parisi Molested by a Huge Group of Tourists in Rodeo Drive
Our charming Sabrina A. Parisi went shopping yesterday in Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills with her beautiful champion Yorkshire Terrier Mozart when a group of tourists couldn’t let their dream celebrity go without harassing her with request of no-stop pictures and autographs.  Sabrina

was a sweet-heart and granted their request, but these photos make it look she was a bit worried, probably was thinking that she’s never go back to Rodeo again without security. Nevertheless, when finally she was able to detach from the tourists she decided to have a tea at the Luxor Hotel but wait, a different crew of tourists, this time European, demanded more pictures with her! Funny, at last she decided to go back home!! What a relaxing afternoon!


"My kids love you.  Can they take a picture with you?" this lady is asking. Look Sabrina's expression now.

"Gees!!! One more!!"